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Are you afraid your divorce will include escalating conflict, losing your kids or giving up the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to build? It doesn’t have to!

Jay Hait-Firm Negotiator. Skilled Litigator. Exceptional Results.

Jay Hait has been practicing law in Israel and the U.S. for over twenty years. His extensive knowledge of Western Law and deep understanding of the intricate Israeli Family Law system has given him a unique set of skills. Jay understands your culture and speaks your language. He brings guidance and clarity while defending your rights, as he supports you through your divorce, writing your will or preparing your healthcare and guardianship directives.

“Jay protected me during my divorce negotiations, helped me understand the process and got me a great deal!”
Ann Sherman

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How does divorce work in Israel? Do I need an attorney? How do I hire a good one? What’s my first step? I’m approaching retirement and I don’t know how to structure my will. What is a Continuing Power of Attorney and do I need one?

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  • Divorce, child custody and child support

  • The court systems

  • Writing a Will

  • Preparing healthcare and guardianship directives


“I had an initial, 30-minute introductory call with Jay Hait regarding family law. The case is quite complicated and involves US law in two states and the Israeli law. I was more than impressed by his deep knowledge and clear presentation.”
Leo Stillman

“Jay is an incredible lawyer who took the time to provide guidance and clarity during this very overwhelming and confusing time in my life. As an Anglo woman living in Israel, navigating through the legal system and all the Hebrew has been difficult to say the least, but I feel confident now that I have met Jay.”
Mindy Ben Ishai

“Jay listened openly and gave me advice that was constructive, helpful and thoughtful of my situation. I was so impressed, I downloaded Jay’s book and read it in 3 days (A MUST READ!) It empowered me to know my rights and helped my wife and I come to a fair and peaceful agreement. I feel we will continue on as life long partners/friends dedicated to our amazing kids. I am really lucky and forever thankful I found Jay when I did. Thank you Jay!”
Ryan Lexer

“Jay’s tremendous knowledge base coupled with his calm and patient demeanor left me feeling reassured, better informed, and provided me with the tools necessary to transition into the next step of my legal process.”
Yehudit Ben-David