6 Steps to Getting Divorced in Israel with a Comprehensive Divorce Agreement

You certainly never expected to be dismantling the life you and your spouse built together. You’re probably worried about your future, and the effect divorce will have on your kids. But being aware of the 6 steps to getting divorced in Israel with a comprehensive divorce agreement, will help reduce the financial and emotional costs.  […]

The Hait Family Law Method

The Hait Family Law Method was born out of my commitment to change the way people are represented and treated by their attorneys throughout any legal process. The movie called Marriage Story that aired in 2019 reinforced everyone’s perceptions about lawyers. It depicted a couple navigating their divorce and went into great detail about the […]

Is your lawyer your biggest obstacle?

How can your lawyer be your biggest obstacle in getting a satisfactory outcome for your legal challenge? So, you aren’t a combative type of person. You don’t regularly sue people. The truth is you have only been involved with the legal system a few times in your life. Or not at all. And then something […]

Mookpatz (stir fried noodles)

I love stir fried noodles, sometimes known as mookpatz.This is one of my favorite recipes made with these delicious soba noodles. Try it and let me know what you think. Ingredients 250 gram dry noodles- soba noodles, linguini, or rice noodles 1 small bunch asparagus 125 grams snow peas 1 small bunch broccolini – or […]

A divorce agreement with an unusual clause

I’ve previously written about child support payments changing after a divorce agreement is signed. And I tell my clients who ask me if their circumstances count, that unless it’s a case, G-d Forbid, of a surgeon losing an arm or a child who has been in a devastating accident there is no point in bringing […]

Attention to details can mean dropped charges

For us attorneys faced with a criminal case, paying attention to details can mean the difference between conviction and dropped charges for our clients. Criminal charges can be very tricky. We often get people in the criminal law department of my firm who have been charged with the possession, use or distribution of drugs. And […]

No marriage license no ketuba – a couple’s rights

How many couples do you know who have decided on no marriage license and no ketuba and just ‘live together’ ? It has become very common in recent years for couples to opt out of legal and/or halachic marriage. There are an estimated 200,000 couples who live together this way in Israel. Some of the […]

Veggie Burgers for the Grill

One of the things I miss most about eating a vegan diet is bbqing. While bbq’d vegetables are really delicious, it’s just not the same. Now we have ‘impossible burgers’ and ‘beyond meat burgers’ which are good IMO for their taste, but not particularly healthy. Since I chose a vegan diet for the potential health […]

If you get arrested, only speak in English

This is most important advice you’ll get if you’re a native English speaker and you’ve been arrested. It’s what I tell my clients during their first phone call to me. If you get arrested only speak in English even if you understand Hebrew. And here’s why….. When lack of language skills helps There are over […]

Preparing a will carefully avoids disputes

If we aren’t meticulous in preparing a will we are in danger of leaving a very different outcome than we intended. Why we write a will We work our entire lives to support ourselves and our families. Some of us acquire riches from the start and some of us spend a lifetime accumulating our assets, […]