A Big Win For Divorced Dads

We are inundated with an almost infinite flow of information. This has turned out to be a big win for divorced dads. Technology has created a global community. Its influence has encouraged men to play a far bigger role in their children’s lives than in previous generations. And that same international influence has recently led […]

Separate is Good, If You Do it Right

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” said Sir John Dalberg-Acton. In my opinion, the control the Rabbinate has over marriage and divorce has corrupted Judaism itself and has created many problems. Naftali Bennet’s new budget proposal includes separating ‘synagogue and state’ and I’m all for it. Note – I say synagogue and […]

A Prenup is More Romantic Than the Wedding

Mazel Tov! You’re engaged! The search for your soulmate is over. You and your fiancé are flying high on love, trust and the promise of your shared future. The plans for your special day are coming together. You’ve chosen a venue, picked the flowers and decided on the cuisine. But what is an even greater […]

Child custody cases for Olim

International kidnappings are more common than you think. But I’m not talking about the criminal kind involving strangers who abduct kids from their parents. I’m referring to civil kidnappings that happen between parents. Simply put, one parent taking the children out of the country against the other parent’s will, or preventing them from returning home, […]

A Mother’s Poor Decisions Lost her Custody of Her Daughter

When divorcing spouses cannot reach agreements between themselves or through their lawyers, it is the judge who ultimately makes the final decisions. And the judge’s ruling is not always suited to family life or to the needs of the parents. Therefore, I think it is very important when I litigate divorce cases to take great […]

The Dark Side of Social Media in Israel

We get our news, share ideas and promote business on these platforms. But the dark side of social media in Israel, can come with consequences. A Case of the Dark Side Ariella (not her real name) loves the kids she teaches in the private nursery-school in Herzliya where she works. She is attentive, gentle and […]

If Someone Is In An Abusive Relationship They know It…..Right?

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month so let’s talk about spousal abuse. I see it all the time. That confused look when I’m meeting with clients who want a divorce or have been asked for one. One of my first questions is always, “Has there been any abuse?” And there it is, the shoulder shrug […]

Think Slander (Lashon Harah) will get you a better divorce deal?

I’ve been dealing with divorce cases day after day for many years. I sit with people who tell me their entire life’s story from the moment they fell in love to the moment they walked into my office, determined to initiate divorce proceedings. And so often people think slander (Lashon Harah) will get them a […]