How to live together without a ketuba or marriage license

There are several ways cohabitating couples can ensure smooth sailing. How many couples do you know, who have decided to ‘live together’ without a marriage license or ketuba? It has become very common in recent years for couples to opt out of legal and/or halachic marriage. There are an estimated 200,000 couples in Israel who […]

Veggie Burgers for the Grill

One of the things I miss most about eating a vegan diet is bbqing. While bbq’d vegetables are really delicious, it’s just not the same. Now we have ‘impossible burgers’ and ‘beyond meat burgers’ which are good IMO for their taste, but not particularly healthy. Since I chose a vegan diet for the potential health […]

If you get arrested, only speak in English

This is most important advice you’ll get if you’re a native English speaker and you’ve been arrested. It’s what I tell my clients during their first phone call to me. If you get arrested only speak in English even if you understand Hebrew. And here’s why….. When lack of language skills helps There are over […]

Preparing a will carefully avoids disputes

If we aren’t meticulous in preparing a will we are in danger of leaving a very different outcome than we intended. Why we write a will We work our entire lives to support ourselves and our families. Some of us acquire riches from the start and some of us spend a lifetime accumulating our assets, […]

Changing a Divorce Settlement After an Agreement Has been Signed

There is a new law in the family courts that states a “change of circumstances” could warrant an intervention in a signed divorce agreement. The financial pressure of supporting two households HFC 7750-06-19 From the Court in Kirayot (North of Haifa) under the authority of Judge Shiri Heiman (Names changed for privacy) Yaakov leaned on […]

Sometimes judges get it wrong

Dina kept her head down and raised just her eyes up to the dais as a hush came over the court. She tried to read the expression of the man who was about to decide her fate. Years ago she had voluntarily put her future into another man’s hands and now, not only did Moshe […]

The challenge of Hanukkah for divorced dads

We’re deep into one of the most widely celebrated holidays amongst the Jewish people. But the pandemic has altered the way we’ll celebrate this year. And the restrictions against family gatherings have added to the challenge of Hanukkah for divorced dads. Fathers are crucial for a kid’s development My dad carried me, sleeping, from the […]

How to safeguard your future in Israel

They thought they were prepared Jerry and Diane had spent the last 22 wonderful years living in Israel, fulfilling their lifelong dream of Aliyah. They made sure they had a joint will to distribute their assets to their kids when they died. But they were unaware a Continuing Power of Attorney could safeguard their future […]

Why People Don’t Trust Lawyers

An insider’s look at lawyers in Israel. Full disclosure from the outset – I’m a divorce lawyer. I was raised in the United States and practiced law there until 2004 when I made Aliyah. And I’ve been practicing family law here in Israel since 2009. I’ve seen my share of lawyers in real life. I’ve […]

Can infidelity be legally justified?

People can justify almost anything if they feel it’s for a good reason. Just look at our daily news feeds. But there’s a big difference between emotionally rationalizing behavior and proving that it’s legal. And judges are obligated to examine facts, not feelings when a case is presented in court. During a divorce someone may […]