Can infidelity be legally justified?

People can justify almost anything if they feel it’s for a good reason. Just look at our daily news feeds. But there’s a big difference between emotionally rationalizing behavior and proving that it’s legal. And judges are obligated to examine facts, not feelings when a case is presented in court. During a divorce someone may […]

What happens to grandparents after divorce rips a family apart

There are extensive legal discussions about visitation arrangements for the parents but what happens to grandparents after divorce rips a family apart? What are typical visitation rights for parents in Israel? In earlier generations the grandparents were partners in rearing their grandchildren and in many families today it is still the same. This is a […]

Trends in Divorce: Let me go – don’t make the kids hate me!

There are two wicked trends in divorce, commonly implemented in the divorce process. It behooves us to find a way to wipe them out of existence. The first is recalcitrance (agunah-ship). This is a situation where a man is not willing to give a GET or a woman is not willing to receive a GET. […]

Has Covid-19 got you trapped in an unhappy marriage?

It’s been a tough seven months for everyone, worldwide. Covid has us trapped. We all have the same questions constantly on our minds. Will I or my loved ones get sick? Will I be able to keep food on my table and a roof over my head? Will the economy collapse? Will the schools open […]

10 Things To Know About Aliyah if You’re Over 50

You’ve worked most of your adult life, paying into social security in your country of origin and keeping your eye on the future and your retirement. Your Aliyah plan includes collecting those monthly payments after you settle in Israel.  But, Covid 19 has had a huge effect on the world economy and according to predictions […]

Divorce and Child Support in the Time of Corona

Your divorce is final. You’ve come to an agreement with your ex spouse and everything is signed and official. Custody has been decided. Child support finalized. Getting here has been one of the most difficult and emotionally challenging things you’ve ever done. You’re ready to take a deep breath, sigh with relief and step into […]

How to protect a marriage during stressful times.

I am not a couple’s therapist or a marriage counselor. I am not a psychologist. I am a family law attorney and I see couples daily in my line of work ( during video conferencing in the last 6 months) who know how to protect a marriage during stressful times. And while unfortunately I have […]