Jay Hait family law

The Hait Family Law Method

  • Taking the time to get to know you

  • Encouraging you to consider marriage counselling before beginning divorce proceedings

  • Doing everything in our power to help you understand the system

  • Providing easily accessible educational materials so you’ll know your rights

  • Guiding you through gathering the relevant documents

  • Encouraging you to settle your differences with a mediation agreement whenever possible

  • Doing everything we can to help de-escalate the situation with your soon to be ex

  • Taking care of all court filings

  • Protecting your interests and getting you the best possible deal so you can move forward

Building Trust through Partnership

In this partnership our role is to represent you with compassion and support.
We bring extensive knowledge and experience with the legal system and you bring your hopes for the future and knowledge of your family dynamic.
Together we’ll define your goal and come up with a strategy for a resolution that works best for you and your family.


We’ll help educate you by inviting you to download our complimentary e-Books and reports, and watch the short videos we’ve made to help you gain understanding about your legal situation.
And you’ll help educate us by sharing details of your personal situation and your thoughts about the future. Of course everything you say is protected by attorney-client privilege which means you can speak to us with confidence. If you need the support of a counselor, a social worker or a financial advisor, we will recommend a number of highly regarded professionals.

Evaluation and Preparation

Our goal is a divorce agreement that results in a legal dissolution of your marriage with provisions made for equitable division of assets, and if applicable child support and custody. We’ll take full advantage of our time together to build your case.

  • We’ll guide you through the proper recording of relevant incidents
  • Help you gather documents and evidence
  • Choose the best court to file in
  • Discuss the laws that could affect your case
  • Come up with a best case scenario and how to achieve it
We’ll put together a personalized legal strategy for you – taking your priorities into account and making sure that you’re protected and comfortable with the plan. We take care of all the filings and paper work and keep you updated every step along the way.

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