Downloading, “Everything Anglo Jewish Men Need to Know About Divorce in Israel”, by Jay Hait Adv., is one of the best decisions you’ve made if you are considering divorce or your wife has initiated a divorce.

Did you know?

  • The divorce system in Israel is geared against men – both with regards to child support verses salary equation and custody and visitation rights. And in some cases, unfortunately, it’s pretty easy for your wife to have you thrown out of your own house!
  • Because we have the  Rabbinic court system for divorce in Israel, the process isn’t the same as in other Western countries.
  • You may not need an attorney, but if you do, its hard to tell one from another by their advertising.

Jay Hait is an experienced American, Israeli family law attorney and shares his extensive knowledge of both the Rabbinic and secular family courts. You’ll learn everything you need to know about the legal system and the steps you have to take to prepare for divorce, maximize your financial outcome and help ensure your future relationship with your children.

Included in the book:

  • 4 issues that have to be addressed by every Jewish couple with children, getting divorced in Israel (page 16)
  • 3 things you have to know regarding which court will hear your divorce issues – Family court or Rabbinic court (page 19)
  • 11 Tips for living in the same house with your wife prior to the divorce (page 29)
  • 4 things the judge will try to determine at the pre-trial conference (page 42)
  • 10 of the motions (judicial requests) you or your spouse can make during the divorce process (page 43)
  • 7 rules you must follow with the social worker evaluating who will get custody (page 61)
  • 3 determinants needed to calculate child support (page 63)
  • 20 steps to prepare for a divorce (page 83)
  • 18 Questions you should be asking about your attorney (page 75)
  • 7 stages of divorce (page 87)

…and much more!

*Important note

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