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Jay Hait Adv. is offering this important e-book for free, because he is committed to changing the dynamic of the way people are represented and treated by their attorneys throughout the legal process.


Did you know?

  • A good attorney knows that litigation should be a last resort because of the emotional harm it can cause to the entire family. 
  • You can trust an attorney who is candid with you about your chances of getting a particular outcome. But you shouldn’t trust one who simply tells you what you want to hear.
  • An exceptional attorney will be familiar with your culture and help you make decisions consistent with it.
  • Any skilled divorce lawyer understands that a well-informed client will be better equipped to make decisions for his or her own future and the future of the entire family.

Jay Hait is an experienced American, Israeli family law attorney who speaks your language and understands your culture. His extensive knowledge of Western Law and deep understanding of the intricate Israeli Family Law system, has given him a unique set of skills to guide his clients through their divorce process. Jay is a firm negotiator and a skilled litigator who gets exceptional results for his clients.