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  • How will you know which attorney you can trust? 
  • Can you avoid over-paying for your legal representation?
  • Will you feel supported and understood?

Before you meet with any attorney, read this eBook first!

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Download this FREE eBook, written by American-Israeli family law attorney, Jay Hait. Get the answers to these questions to help you select the best lawyer for you.

  • Does the lawyer’s practice focus exclusively on family law?
  • Is the lawyer attentive when you are talking?
  • Does the lawyer return your initial consultation fee in the event
    that you retain him?
  • Does the lawyer have an office policy ensuring the timely return
    of phone calls?
  • Are your personalities compatible?
  • Will the lawyer be involved in your case personally?
  • Is the lawyer willing to attempt to negotiate a
    settlement on your matter?
  • Is the lawyer willing to educate you and to answer your
  • Is the lawyer assertive without being arrogant?
    …..and much more.

Jay Hait is an experienced American, Israeli family law attorney who speaks your language and understands your culture. His extensive knowledge of Western Law and deep understanding of the intricate Israeli Family Law system, has given him a unique set of skills to guide his clients through their divorce process. Jay is a firm negotiator and a skilled litigator who gets exceptional results for his clients.

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