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What Jewish Women need to know about divorce in Israel

Everything Anglo Jewish Women Need to Know About Divorce in Israel

If you are a woman considering divorce, or if your husband has begun the divorce process, you don’t have to go through it alone. Help, guidance and information is available to you in this valuable guide, to be empowered to move forward with confidence..


Everything Anglo Jewish Men Need to Know About Divorce in Israel

If you are a man considering divorce, or if your wife has started the divorce process, the most important thing for you to do first is understand the laws and procedures that govern divorce in Israel. Then you will be able to responsibly plan for your future.

18 Questions That You Have to Consider Before Hiring a Divorce Attorney

Choosing a divorce lawyer can be a daunting task. You are about to embark on an unfamiliar and uncomfortable journey. If you are not an Israeli native, this journey is compounded by a complicated legal system conducted in a foreign language. To make things worse, you have to do this while you are in the grip of extreme emotional turmoil.

Guiding you through this dramatic life experience should be a lawyer that you can trust completely and with whom you can establish a long term, close working relationship. 

Asking any potential attorney the questions in this guide, will help you protect yourself by carefully
considering the answers before making your decision and committing to payment arrangements.


The 10 Commandments for People Considering Divorce

From the time you first think about divorce until you begin the divorce
process, a period of time passes in which most people unknowingly make many mistakes which can heavily influence the outcome of their divorce.

That’s why it’s important for you to read, learn, and put into practice the “Ten Commandments For People Considering Divorce”, so you can avoid the common pitfalls of divorcing couples.

Following this guide will help you have a calmer and more amicable divorce so both of you are able to move on with your lives.

divorce via divorce agreement

Six Steps to a Happier Future – A guide for couples in Israel, who want to get divorced via a divorce agreement

The best thing any couple can do when deciding to get divorced is to reach a formal agreement without litigation in court. A direct negotiation (with the benefit of a mediator) results in a more stable and fair agreement. It’s less costly, there is less emotional damage to the children, is adhered to more often and is less likely to result in future litigation.

The 10 Steps you Should be Taking Now,
If You’re Considering Getting Divorced in the Next Year

It’s a sad fact that you didn’t plan to be where you are today, considering divorce. Dividing a household financially is difficult at best and debilitating at worst. Add to that the fact that you and your spouse’s disparate feelings about money may very well be a contributing factor to your desire for divorce, and you have a potentially volatile situation.

Here are 10 steps you should be taking long before you ever file for divorce or file a motion to settle differences with your spouse, in order to ensure that you get the best financial results you are legally entitled to.

Diary for the Preparation/ Evaluation of Divorce

When you’ve come to the point where you are seriously considering divorce, even if you expect it to be settled amicably out of court, keeping a divorce evaluation/preparation diary will help you be better prepared and ease your path considerably. Because knowledge is power and if you are considering divorce it’s important that the power be in your hands.

The Diary will help you:

  • Gather and organize personal information about yourself and your family.
  • Track all your financial information.
  • Record upsetting events between you and your spouse or your spouse and your kids, even before you file for divorce.
  • Collect more details to be used if and after legal proceedings have begun.

Pre and Post Divorce Household Budget Calculator Spreadsheet

Keeping track of your expenditures is excellent information to utilize through your divorce negotiations and to help you plan for your financial future.

Pre & Post Divorce Household Budget.

Divorce Evaluation Package

This package is designed for those who have decided they want a divorce and are ready to move forward. It includes:

  1. Ten Commandments for People Considering Divorce,
  2. 18 Questions That You Have to Consider Before Hiring a Divorce Attorney
  3. Diary for the Preparation/ Evaluation of Divorce
  4. Household Budget Calculator Spreadsheet.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to arrange for a complimentary case evaluation.

Household Monthly Income and Expense Sheet (xcell sheet)

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