This Free eBook Has Vital Information For Women Considering Divorce in Israel!


  • The documents you should be gathering.
  • The legal issues you’ll face if you have children.
  • Tips for living in the same house prior to the divorce. 
  • How to choose which of the two courts – Rabbinic or Family court – you would be better filing in.

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Jay Hait Adv., has written this Free, complete guide to divorce in Israel to help women understand the system, their rights and how best to prepare themselves (and their kids). Knowledge is power and having access to it can easily tip the scales in a woman’s favor when it comes to a final settlement.

What Jewish Women need to know about divorce in Israel

Did you know?

  • If your business is in your name it may be more beneficial for you to file for divorce in the Rabbinic Court.
  • When you get divorced in Israel you are not entitled to alimony. 
  • If you can prove you weren’t aware of a debt your husband has incurred you won’t be responsible for paying half of it back when you get divorced. 
  • There is a difference between guardianship and custody when you have kids and you’re determining which parent will be the primary caregiver.

Jay Hait is an experienced American, Israeli family law attorney who speaks your language and understands your culture. His extensive knowledge of Western Law and deep understanding of the intricate Israeli Family Law system, has given him a unique set of skills to guide you through your divorce process. Jay is a firm negotiator and a skilled litigator who gets exceptional results for his clients.