This Free eBook Has Vital Information For Men Considering Divorce in Israel!


  • The first thing to do if you’ve been served with divorce papers.
  • Retaining the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to achieve, after your divorce.
  • How to calculate your future child support payments.
  • Tips for working out a fair custody arrangement.

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Jay Hait Adv. has written this Free, complete guide to divorce to help men understand their rights and navigate the Israeli legal system. Knowledge is power and what you know could determine your future relationship with your kids and your financial status for many years to come.  



Did you know?

  • The divorce system in Israel is geared against men – both with regards to child support, and custody and visitation rights. 
  • The court you choose to file in (Rabbinic or Family court) could affect the outcome of your case.
  • You don’t have to leave your family home during the divorce proceedings.
  • A social worker assigned to your case could very well be the one to determine who gets full custody of your children.

Jay Hait is an experienced American, Israeli family law attorney who speaks your language and understands your culture. His extensive knowledge of Western Law and deep understanding of the intricate Israeli Family Law system, has given him a unique set of skills to guide you through divorce – improving your financial outcome  and helping to protect your future relationship with your children.

Jay is a firm negotiator and a skilled litigator who gets exceptional results for his clients.