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A Guide to Marriage Annulment in Israel


What Do You Need to Know About Marriage Annulment in Israel?

Secular marriage does not exist within Israel. Individuals wishing to get married inside the country must go through a ceremony within their respective religious institution. Effectively, this means marriage is limited to couples who share the same religion. For individuals who have been joined in this manner, another religious ceremony must be completed to officially end the marriage covenant and finalize a divorce.

However, Israel does recognize legal marriages that have been performed outside of the country. Often the individuals within these marriages cannot seek a divorce under the jurisdiction of one of the country’s religious courts. So how can they end their marriage if it does not work out? A knowledgeable Israeli family law attorney can explain which couples may take their divorce suit before the civil court to have their marriage dissolved.

Who May Have Their Marriage Annulled in Israel?

Many Israeli couples have sought a marriage outside the country because they were not eligible for a religious marriage. The civil government recognizes and records these marriages, but if the couple decides to divorce, they must file for an annulment through the Family Court. Common situations where this may occur include:

  • Marriages between couples of different religions
  • Same-sex marriages
  • Marriages involving members of religious groups that are not officially recognized in Israel
  • Marriages between people who have no religious affiliation

What Proof Must Be Provided by Couples Seeking an Annulment?

You must petition the Family Court to hear your case to begin the annulment process. Several documents must be provided to support your assertion that the Family Court has jurisdiction over the proceedings and it cannot be heard in a religious court, either in Israel or abroad:

  • Proof of permanent Israeli citizenship or other information declaring why they cannot be divorced abroad.
  • Official documentation of the couple’s differing religions or lack of religious affiliation.
  • A valid marriage certificate. If it is from another country, it must be officially translated into Hebrew and verified by an Israeli notary.
  • Copies of the annulment lawsuit with any applicable forms.

Other information could be required, depending on your specific situation. An experienced Israeli family law attorney can advise you on further documentation you may need to gather. You may not need to appear in court if both parties consent to the annulment. However, this can vary based on your unique circumstances.

How Can a Family Law Attorney Assist You?

Annulment is a way for individuals to end their marriage in Israel if they cannot file for divorce in a religious court. While it may seem like a straightforward process, there can be several potential roadblocks. This is particularly true if you are an English speaker, as the required forms and filing information are all in Hebrew. It is vital to remember that marriage annulment only finalizes your divorce with the civil authorities. You will also need to go through the proper court procedures to divide your assets, determine custody of your children, and set up child support payments. A divorce attorney from Hait Family Law can guide you through every step of the process. Contact our law firm today to schedule a complimentary case evaluation: 077-200-8161.

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