Client Reviews

The Best Of The Best

“Jay Hait and his associates are the best of the best! Our particular case was an unusually difficult and tedious one. I cannot adequately express the professionalism, kindness, communication, guidance and support given to us. If you or someone you know, is in need of a family attorney, there is no question the Hait Family Law is the firm to go to!”

Tammy Denny

First Rate Advice

“His advice is first rate. His understanding of the problem from both the legal and the human perspective makes finding the right solution far less challenging. I’ve been around the practice of law since the age of 5. My Uncle was President of the State Bar Association. Jay’s approach reminds me of my uncle. That is high praise indeed. Jay is a credit to his profession. Do yourself a favor and hire Jay to help you with your legal issues. I did and I’m glad.”

Hank Shrier

An Outstanding Advocate

“Jay is a great lawyer and an outstanding advocate for his clients. I felt confident in his hands during a very trying and difficult situation. He provided not only critical legal advice but sage advice that comes from years of experience and successful resolutions dealing with all kinds of people. His patience and persistence helped avoid conflict and digression during a long tumultuous process. With Jay and his staff, we stayed focus and achieved a fair and amicable resolution.”

David Sidransky

Extremely Helpful and Supportive

“Jay was extremely helpful and supportive through the whole difficult and trying time. Even before I hired him as my lawyer, he made himself available for phone conversations and gave me helpful counsel. His support staff, Yafit, was also very professional and supportive. I was very thankful for their help and would recommend them to anyone looking for a family lawyer.”

Yosef Yaakov Goldberg

Real Professional

“I had initial, 30-minute introductory call with Jay Hait regarding family law. The case is quite complicated and involves US law in two states and the Israeli law. I was more than impressed by a deep knowledge and a clear presentation. Going to contract Jay and recommend his services to others.”

Leo Stillman

A Professional and a Mensch

“I was in a difficult legal place, and Jay came to my rescue. He spent countless hours working to get it resolved. He’s a professional and a mensch.”

Broderick Nesher

Thank you Jay!

“My wife and I are in mediation (wife brought on the divorce). Spoke to Jay last week via phone consultation and I couldn’t have asked for a more professional, kind person on the other end. I thought he would sell me to take his services but instead he listened openly and gave me advice that was constructive, helpful and thoughtful of my situation. I was so impressed, I downloaded Jay’s book and read it in 3 days (A MUST READ!) It empowered me to know my rights and helped my wife and I come to a fair and peaceful agreement. I feel we will continue on as life long partners/friends dedicated to our amazing kids. I am really lucky and forever thankful I found Jay when I did. Thank you Jay!”

Ryan Lexer

Helpful Professional

“Jay was very nice and helpful. He advised me on the legalities surrounding my issue, and he was just genuinely sincere in discussing a serious life issue. I would recommend Jay to any English speaker in need of his services.”

Bryan Dov Bergman

Best Decision! Highly Recommend!

“I came to Jay in a panic hoping that he could help me resolve an urgent matter. Jay was vacationing but responded to me right away and set up a phone consultation for the following morning. My anxiety vanished during our conversation- Jay’s tremendous knowledge base coupled with his calm and patient demeanor left me feeling reassured, better informed, and provided me with the tools necessary to transition into the next step of my legal process. You will not be disappointed if you choose Jay as your legal counsel- he is both a professional and a mensch!

Yehudit Ben-David

An Incredible Lawyer

“Jay is an incredible lawyer who took the time to provide guidance and clarity during this very overwhelming and confusing time in my life. As an Anglo woman living in Israel, navigating through the legal system and all the Hebrew has been difficult to say the least, but I feel confident now that I have met Jay.”

Mindy Ben Ishai

Caring and Straight Forward

“I had a phone consultation with Jay who offered great advice and direction in moving forward with a complicated situation. He was very caring and straight forward and was able to walk me through the next steps. I got off the phone confident in knowing what to do next and felt I had someone I could turn to again if the case gets more complicated. Thanks Jay!”

Esther Rutledge

Jay Hait

“I would like to thank Jay very, very much for all his time. It is rare to get such detailed, accurate and straightforward advice as he gives. With Jay in the picture, I knew what to expect at each stage of the proceedings, he made me aware of the advantages and disadvantages of each option that came up along the way and he let me sleep easily at night knowing the overall plan and goals for as smooth a transition as possible for the children.

He’s already been incredibly helpful to the people I have recommended to him and I will continue telling anyone in need of legal assistance to be sure to see him.”

Eliyahu Ben Tal

Empowering and Supportive

“I highly recommend Jay Hait for any Family Law matter. His dozens of free educational videos and digital and print publications helped me go into my legal challenges with knowledge and confidence. His patient guidance and consistent availability were instrumental in the calm and smooth settling of my case.”

Chana Veffer

Helping Hand

“Jay Hiat was extremely helpful with his advice. He was thorough, concise and articulate. I heartily recommend him to anyone seeking legal advice.”


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