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Decoding Kedam Mishpat – The Pre-Trial Conference in Family Court


Within the realm of family court proceedings, a pivotal stage known as the Pre-Trial Conference, or Kedam Mishpat in Hebrew, plays a significant role. While its name might evoke thoughts of a new grape juice flavor, it is, in fact, a crucial hearing that occurs during the litigation process. This article aims to illuminate the purpose of the Pre-Trial Conference and provide insights into what individuals involved in family court cases can anticipate.

Understanding the Pre-Trial Conference: The Pre-Trial Conference, or Kedam Mishpat, is a distinct type of hearing conducted in the Family court. Unlike evidentiary hearings where testimonies are given and evidence is presented, the Pre-Trial Conference serves a different purpose. Its primary objective is for the presiding judge to establish key elements that will shape the trajectory of the trial

Key Objectives of the Pre-Trial Conference:

  • Establishing Timelines: A critical aspect determined during the Pre-Trial Conference is the timeline for the continuation of the trial. By setting timelines, the court ensures an organized progression of the litigation process.
  • Seeking Agreement: The judge explores the possibility of reaching an agreement between the involved parties. The conference serves as an opportunity to assess whether common ground can be found, reducing the burden on the court system and fostering amicable resolutions.
  • Identifying Parties and Issues: Another objective is to gain clarity on the parties involved and the real issues at hand. By understanding the individuals, their roles, and the nature of their disputes, the judge can better navigate the complexities of the case.

Interim Decisions on Motions: Additionally, the Pre-Trial Conference may serve as a platform for the judge to make interim decisions on motions submitted by the parties. Motions are formal requests seeking specific actions or decisions, and addressing them during the conference allows the judge to make timely decisions, ensuring the smooth continuation of the litigation process.

The Pre-Trial Conference, or Kedam Mishpat, is a critical juncture in Family court litigation. Unlike evidentiary hearings, it focuses on establishing timelines, exploring potential agreements, identifying parties and issues, and addressing motions. Understanding the purpose and significance of the Pre-Trial Conference empowers individuals to navigate the family court system more effectively. Disclaimer: Specific procedures and practices may vary based on the jurisdiction and legal system where the Pre-Trial Conference takes place.

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