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Everything You Need to Know About Planning Retirement in Israel

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Planning for retirement is a crucial phase of life that requires careful consideration and preparation. While financial aspects have traditionally been at the forefront of retirement planning, there are several other factors to address when planning for a successful retirement in Israel. In this article, we will explore some essential steps and considerations to help you plan effectively.

Understand your rights: Whether you are already living in Israel or considering moving there for retirement, it is vital to ascertain your entitlements and benefits. Contact Nefesh B’Nefesh, an organization specializing in Aliyah (immigration to Israel), to gain insights into your specific circumstances. They provide a valuable planning checklist that can assist you in this process.

Focus on the present: Many individuals feel that they haven’t saved enough money to comfortably sustain their retirement. Rather than being overwhelmed by this thought, start by gathering information on living costs in Israel. Seek advice from friends, family members, and attend retirement-focused meetings. Understanding your future expenses is essential for creating a solid financial plan. While the commonly advised percentage of working income needed in retirement is around 70-80% in the United States, keep in mind that Israel’s costs may vary significantly. Housing, imported goods, rent, health costs, and certain services can have different price structures. Putting your financial plan in writing will help instill confidence when it’s time to implement it.

Establish a legal framework: To protect yourself and your loved ones during retirement, it is crucial to have appropriate legal measures in place. Consider obtaining life insurance, health insurance, and consult with professionals to develop an asset plan that aligns with your wishes. Creating important legal documents such as a will, trust, or a continuing power of attorney will ensure that your affairs are handled as desired.

Keep track of your financial picture: Maintain a comprehensive record of all your retirement accounts and your overall financial situation. This practice will help you monitor your progress, make informed decisions, and adjust your plans if necessary.

Prioritize your health: It’s common for health issues to arise during retirement, which can significantly impact your quality of life. Regardless of how near or far you are from retiring, take proactive steps to improve your health. Start incorporating exercise into your routine, seek guidance from a dietitian if needed, and consult with your doctor to develop a plan for a healthier lifestyle. By taking care of your health, you can make the most of your time in Israel, where life expectancy is notably high.

Reduce your debt: Arriving at retirement without significant debt is advantageous. If possible, work towards paying off any outstanding debts before you retire, as this will enable you to enjoy a more financially secure future.

Choose your location wisely: When considering retirement in Israel, it’s important to determine the community or area that aligns with your preferences. Even within Anglo-Saxon communities, there can be significant differences. Take the time to visit Israel and explore various regions to find the community where you will feel most comfortable. Avoid the expenses and emotional stress of multiple major moves by carefully selecting the right community before retiring.

Plan your activities: Retirement provides an opportunity to explore new interests and activities. It’s important to plan how you will spend your time in Israel to avoid feeling isolated or experiencing relationship strain. Discuss with your spouse or partner what activities you both enjoy or consider individual pursuits such as volunteering, continued education, participating in a Kollel (Jewish learning institution), or spending time with grandchildren. By proactively engaging in meaningful activities, you can ensure a fulfilling retirement experience.

In conclusion, retirement planning in Israel involves more than just financial considerations. By understanding your rights, focusing on present costs, establishing a legal framework

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