Here are my 4 Tips For Identifying a Good Divorce Lawyer

1. The lawyer should be asking you why you’ve come in to see them, not pitching their services to you.

2. They should be asking follow up questions and give you plenty of time to explain the things that concern you most.

3. A good attorney will reflect back what you’ve told them, to confirm they understand your situation.

4. Before they shove a contract under your nose they should be telling you how they’re going to tackle your problem, then ask if you feel comfortable taking the next step with them.

Yes, it’s true. Lawyers don’t have a very good reputation in general. And divorce lawyers? Well…’ve heard the jokes. Most people have never been to a lawyer before and they don’t have any trust going in. But there are some very good lawyers out there. I hope these tips help you identify the right one for you.

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