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The Basics: Benefits for Senior Citizens in Israel

Elderly Law

In Israel, senior citizenship is determined by the Senior Citizens Law, which defines it as reaching retirement age. Retirement age is set at 67 for men and 62 for women. Upon becoming a senior citizen, individuals are eligible for various discounts and benefits. This guide provides an overview of the rights and privileges available to senior citizens in Israel.

Obtaining the Senior Citizen Card: To access senior citizen discounts and benefits, individuals need to obtain a senior citizen card, known as “כרטיס אזרח ותיק” (kartis ezrach vatik) in Hebrew. The card remains valid for life. It can be obtained from the Department of Services to the Elderly or by contacting them via phone or email.

Private Entities’ Discounts: Private businesses in Israel offer discounts exclusively based on age. Some examples include:

  1. Movies: Israeli movies are available at a 50% discount for senior citizens. Additionally, a special initiative called “Tuesday and suspenders” offers discounted movie tickets every Tuesday.
  2. Banks: Several banks provide discounts and benefits for senior citizens, such as reduced fees for banking transactions and special accounts.
  3. Theater Tickets: Senior citizens can enjoy a 50% discount on theater tickets at select theaters.

Governmental Discounts: The Israeli government and quasi-governmental organizations provide discounts for senior citizens. These include:

  1. Municipal Libraries: Seniors are entitled to a 50% discount on library fees.
  2. Museums: Many museums offer a 50% discount on entrance fees for senior citizens.
  3. Public Transportation: Senior citizens receive a 50% discount on public buses, trains, and light rail fares by using the Rav Kav card.
  4. National Parks, Gardens, and Archeological Sites: Senior citizens can enter these cultural sites at a 50% discount.
  5. Property Taxes: Discounts on property taxes vary based on income and location. Senior citizens may be eligible for around 30% off property taxes for apartments up to a certain size, and additional discounts may be available in some areas.

Income-Based Benefits: Certain benefits are income-based and may not apply to individuals with significant pensions from Western countries. These include discounted medicine purchases and potential reductions in property taxes.

Senior citizens in Israel are entitled to various discounts and benefits from both private entities and the government. These privileges range from discounted movie tickets and banking services to reduced fees for museums, public transportation, and property taxes. It’s important for senior citizens to inquire about available discounts and present their senior citizen card to enjoy these benefits.

*this is a guideline with up to date sometimes – these benefits may change* 

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