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What is a Joint Life Agreement?

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When May a Joint Life Agreement Be Beneficial to a Couple?

A joint life agreement is a formal, written contract created by a couple to address important subjects within their marriage. This document ensures that the couple clearly understands vital marital issues and helps ensure cooperation and respect, both in daily life and in the unfortunate event that the partnership must be dissolved. It provides a framework for many aspects of a relationship and can be useful for all couples. However, it is of particular importance for those in less formal partnerships who may face legal hurdles if difficulties arise. If you have questions regarding this powerful legal document, reach out to an experienced Israeli family law attorney today.

Who Can Make a Joint Life Agreement in Israel?

Any Israeli couple can create a joint life agreement, whether or not they are legally married, have children, have common property, or live together. Married couples have the option of drafting a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement instead to address similar topics, but they may choose a joint life agreement if it better suits their needs. However, because joint life agreements provide a legal method for formalizing a relationship and organizing critical issues that can arise, they are highly recommended for certain categories of couples, including:

  • Common law/cohabiting couples: Civil marriage does not exist under Israeli law, and many couples are either ineligible to get married under religious law or choose to remain unmarried for various personal reasons. These couples often live together in long-term relationships and may be recognized as common law spouses. A joint life agreement allows them to clarify the nature of their relationship and regulate important issues that could come up during their cohabitation, after a split, or following one partner’s death.
  • Same-sex couples: Because they are unable to get married in Israel, a joint life agreement is a vital document that establishes a same-sex couple’s relationship and regulates their obligations to one another.
  • Married couples who wish to make arrangements for specific issues: Prenuptial agreements are used to settle property issues for married couples, but other matters may come up during the course of the marriage that could be solved through a formal joint life agreement.

What Topics Are Covered in a Joint Life Agreement?

A joint life agreement is a highly detailed document that can regulate any aspect of your partnership and daily lives together. With the help of a lawyer, you can decide what issues need to be addressed in your situation, but common topics include:

  • A declaration of your relationship status.
  • Conditions regarding previously owned, joint, and future property.
  • Agreements about living arrangements.
  • Child custody, care, and education plans, both during the relationship and in the event of a split.
  • Spousal alimony clauses.
  • Agreements regarding the respectful dissolution of the relationship, should it become necessary.

How Do You Create, Modify, or Terminate a Joint Life Agreement?

Individuals can enter into a joint life agreement by willingly signing the document before a notary. It does not have to be approved by the Family Court to be valid, but presenting it to court for judgment does make it simpler and quicker to enforce the document if needed. Remember that the agreement is a contract and is subject to Contract Law. It may be revoked if it violates this law, and either party could be penalized for breaking the contract. If you need to modify or terminate your agreement, you should reach out to a lawyer for help to ensure the changes are made and implemented correctly.

Why Consult an Experienced Family Law Attorney About This Document?

Due to the binding nature of the document and the wide range of topics that may need to be handled, it is highly recommended that you enlist the assistance of a knowledgeable family law attorney when drafting a joint life agreement. Mistakes in your agreement can be costly and create serious issues in the future. Contact Hait Family Law today to schedule a complimentary case evaluation to discuss your situation and begin making a legal plan: (077) 200-8161.

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