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Navigating Separation: A Guide for Women Going Through Divorce in Israel


Divorce is tough, especially when you’re trying to separate from your spouse. In many countries, there’s a legal process called separation that lets you live apart before getting divorced. But in Israel, that’s not a thing. This article looks at why there’s no legal separation in Israel and gives advice for women dealing with divorce there.

Separating in Israel is Hard
When couples in Israel decide to get divorced, one or both often want to live apart. They need their own space and don’t want the stress of being together during the divorce. But in Israel, unless a judge or the police say otherwise, it’s tough to move out at the start of a divorce.

What the Law Says
Judges in Israel usually don’t make one spouse leave the home right away during a divorce. Just wanting your spouse out isn’t enough. And leaving without talking to a lawyer can affect things like who gets custody of the kids. The police only step in if there’s a danger to you or your children.

Don’t Lie or Cheat the System
It’s important not to make up stories to the police to try to get your spouse kicked out. It’s not right, and it can cause problems later. Think about the bigger picture and talk to a lawyer before doing anything.

Living Together While Apart
Living with your spouse during a divorce can be hard, especially if there are still arguments. But it’s important to focus on the long-term and think about the legal stuff. Here are some tips for making it work:

Sleep in different rooms if you can.
Don’t get romantic with your spouse.
Try not to go out together unless you have to.
Use separate computers and phones.
Open your own bank account.
Go to important events for your kids together.
Stop giving gifts to your spouse.
Let people know you’re getting divorced and living together temporarily.
Don’t act like everything’s fine in front of others.

Even though there’s no legal separation in Israel, you can still take steps to protect yourself during a divorce. Talk to a lawyer who can help you understand your rights and figure out the best way forward. With the right advice, you can get through this tough time and start a new chapter in your life.

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