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The Advantages of Being the First to File in Family Law Cases for Women


In family law, who files first in a legal dispute can significantly impact the outcome. This article discusses the benefits for women who initiate the process and offers strategic advice for effectively navigating the legal system.

Choosing the Right Court: The decision on where to file should be based on practical factors rather than gender. For instance, if a woman owns a business, it might be more suitable to file for asset division in a specific court, like the Rabbinic court. Filing for child custody in the Family court at the same time allows addressing child-related issues promptly.

Strategic Benefits of Filing First for Temporary Child Support: Applying for temporary child support early has several strategic benefits. It demonstrates to your spouse that you are serious about your legal rights and ready to defend them. Starting the legal proceedings yourself means a judge will decide on important issues rather than leaving them to personal negotiations. Additionally, being the first to file allows your lawyer to present your story first, potentially leading to a more favorable outcome.

The Advantage of Telling Your Story First: Filing first gives you the chance to present your perspective and details of the situation to the court from the start. Your lawyer can articulate your concerns and the facts as you see them, which can influence the court’s perception early in the process.

Relevance under New Laws: The introduction of new laws doesn’t change the benefits of filing first. For women who suspect their spouse might soon file or those who need temporary child support, starting the process first is crucial. This allows them to choose the court and maintain more control over the proceedings.

In summary, filing first in family law cases can provide significant advantages. By choosing the right court and initiating the process, women can achieve better outcomes. Filing first not only sets the tone of the case but also ensures their narrative is heard early on. With ongoing changes in law, understanding and leveraging the power of filing first remains vital.

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