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A Guide to your Golden Years in Israel

As a retiree in Israel you are entitled to many government discounts and rights and many businesses and non-governmental entities offer discounts as well. Since there is no umbrella organization that provides that information, if you didn’t grow up in Israel or raise a family in Israel, you may be unaware of the benefits for retirees. 

This free guide informs you of many of the advantages to being retired that will help enhance your lifestyle during your senior years in Israel.

Aging with Dignity

Aging With Dignity – An Overview of Israel’s Continuing Power of Attorney

Israel’s seniors and their families are disproportionately involved in legal battles regarding guardianship compared with countries with a much larger elderly population. 

Most of these cases involve a senior with dementia or other diminished mental capacity.

The cases are opened because a senior’s family and doctors can’t agree on what type of care he or she would have wanted had they been mentally cognizant.

In this short guide, attorney Jay Hait looks at the legal tool that Israel recently enacted which enables any senior to maintain their dignity by empowering them to make decisions about how they want to be cared for when they are no longer able to make decisions for themselves.

When Your Children Get Divorced – A Handbook for Grandparents

If your kids are getting divorced you’re facing challenges you never expected. And your role as a grandparent may become even more important to the stability of your grandchildren.

This free handbook is full of encouragement, wisdom and advice from grandparents whose children have gone through this unfortunate situation.

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